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Click on a link below to view the full ad for each upcoming auction. Pictures may be available for some auctions. If pictures are available there is a link to the left of the ad that says "Auction Name Pictures." 

Visit frequently! We will be updating this website as soon as another auction is booked! 


As of this date, all of the six farm auctions that were scheduled and then rescheduled from April 11th to May 2nd have been POSTPONED for obvious reasons!

Upon receiving the proper “go ahead” from authorities we will reschedule and proceed as we can working with our clients that are currently under contract with us. In the mean time please refrain from contacting our clients with intentions of trying to buy at private treaty any item scheduled for their auction. This is number one a violation of their contract and not at all fair to other interested potential buyers!

Together we will all get through this! Keep healthy, stay your distance and may God Bless America.

Other sales are booked including a very large line-up in Oswego, N.Y. for August 1st.  

Keep watching our webpage at www.pirrunginc.com

Thank you for your understanding, patients and help!

Jim VanHise 609-331-0311

Jim Pirrung