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4903 EAST CHESTNUT AVE. (off Lincoln Ave.)

From State Rte. 55 take Exit #26 toward Buena. Make quick right (before Heritage’s Store) onto Lincoln Ave. County Road 555, follow Lincoln Ave. 5 miles, turn right onto Chestnut Ave. follow short 2 miles to farm on right.

From State Rtes. 40 and 54 Intersections at Buena, (Dunkin Donuts) take West Wheat Road County Road 619 to first turn left onto S. Lincoln Ave. County Road 555, follow about 2 miles and cross over Landis Ave., then about 1 more mile turn left onto Chestnut Ave. follow short 2 miles to farm on right.

The farm is sold, owners are moving out of state, selling will be a very nice lineup mostly purchased as new units! 

NOTE Sale Order:  Irrigation first at 10:00 A.M. followed by Tractors; Tillage; Veg. Equip.; Warehouse Last!

TRACTORS/DISK:  JD 6210R MFWD cab tractor, 1869 hrs., 3 remotes, 540/1000 p.t.o., quick hitch, 13 front weights, 18.4R46 rear tires and duals, 420/90R30 front tires; JD 7730 MFWD cab tractor, 5136 hrs., 2 remotes, (lever switch) 540/1000 p.t.o., quick hitch, 8 front weights, 18.4R34 rear and 420/85R 16.9x28 front tires; Real Nice Landoll 6230 hyd. fold 23 ft. rock flex disk with blade scrapers; Case IH C70 (2WD) open station, roll bar, 1 remotes, 12.2x42 rear tires, 6 front weights, 2705 hrs.; JD 5203 (2WD) open station, ROPS, 1 remote, 1035 hrs., 11.2x38 rear tires, ABC1234 trans.; JD 5303 (2WD) open station, roll bar, 1335 hrs., 1 remote, 11.2x38 tires, ABC1234 trans.; JD 5200 (2WD) open station, ROPS, no remotes, 11/2x36 tires, 1320 hrs.; Farmall Super A offset with underbelly cultivators, tire track eraser, 55 gal. liquid tank with hypro pump on rear bar, 9.5x24 tires;  **NOTE: ALL above were born and raised on the farm!**  JD 5310 (2WD) open station, ROPS, 2 remotes, 11.2x38 rear, 6300 hrs.; JD 5065E     1 remote, 11.2x36 rear, 2660 hrs.;  JD 2155 (2WD) roll bar, no remotes, 11.2x36 rear; Farmall 140 offset with underbelly cultivators, tire track eraser, 55 gal. liquid tank with hypro pump on rear bar, 9.5x24 rear tires; Honda 500 4x4 Foreman quad runner; Two (2) Ford 8N tractors;  

TRUCKS:   2002 IH 4300, 6 wheeler, DT466 diesel, 6 sp. trans., ABC 26 ft. box body; 2000 Freightliner FL60, 6 wheeler, 5 sp. trans., Cat 3126 diesel engine, Morgan 26 ft. box body; 1993 Freightliner FL70, 6 wheeler, 18 ft. diamond steel flat bed, 4 sp. trans., Cummins 5.9B diesel engine; 2003 Chevy pickup, 4.7 liter engine, extended cab, 6 ft. steel flat bed; 1983 Chevy pickup, 5 liter engine, irrigation rack, 8 ft. diamond steel bed; 1973 GMC 350 engine, 1 ton dually with 10 ft. wooden flat deck; 1986 Chevy pickup, 5 liter engine, 6 ft. steel flat deck; 1991 GMC 350 engine, crew cab with 8 ft. wooden flat deck; Ca. 1983 GMC pickup Sierra Classic 1500, good cab, 4WD works, no engine; 1989 Toyota 4x4 pickup, 22R engine; Diamond steel 8 ft. flat bed with headrack;

PACKING HOUSE:   Two (2) Yale lp forklifts, 1 model 30VX is 3000 lb. lift, other is older 4000 lb. lift, both 2 stage lifts, tile and side shift; Very Nice “PDM” complete s.s. food safe 32 in. “summer crop” line, hyd. variable speed control, with 4 ft. long roller infeed conveyor to 6 ft. soft bristle washer to 20 ft. plastic belt conveyor (all 3 pieces sell as a complete unit!) Tew 24 in. line with 4 ft. long belt to 6 ft. soft bristle brusher 4 ft. dryer, and 14 ft. belt conveyor (sells as one unit); 8 ft. x 22 in. roller conveyor; Large pile of black rectangular picking baskets; Box roller conveyors; Group of 1 bu. plastic picking trays; 3 ft. portable warehouse fan; App. 500 green plastic 5/8 picking baskets; Three (3) salamander heaters; Lg. qty. of #50/128/162/200 used plant trays; Qty. in pile (indoors) of white used row crop cover; 300 gal. oval Rubbermaid soak tub; Two (2) 100 gal. Rubbermaid tanks; Lg. qty. of good 36 in. tomato/pepper stakes; 220 volt pressure washer with burner for hot water;

VEGETABLE EQUIPMENT:   One each of Cole and Planet Jr. 3 pt. 4 row vegetable planters with rollers on 14 in. centers; Crop Care trailer type field sprayer, 500 gal. s.s. tank, 32 ft. chicken wind folding booms, p.t.o. pump, big 19L16.1SL tires; 5 ton fert. s.s. tender box with s.s. auger and Honda gas engine, mounted on tandem axle gear; Two (2) 3 pt. pot planters 1 and 2 row; Rain Flo 3 pt. plastic mulch layer; 3 pt. fert. spreader with high steel rear wheels, all s.s. bottom, plate, and spouts; Ag Master 150 gal. folding s.s. boom field sprayer; Two (2) Mechanical model 500 carousel type, 3 row transplanters, adjustable, currently on 20 in. spacings, housing covers; Two (2) Mechanical finger type transplanters; Two (2) 4 row and One (1) 3 row rolling basket cultivators with liquid fert. attachments; Three row final fert. applicator cultivator for cabbage, lettuce, or greens; Two (2) single porta johns on trailer units with hand wash; Single porta john on skids;

TILLAGE TOOLS   JD 975 4-b switch plow; JD 637 13 ft. disk/harrow; Taylorway 3 pt. 4 shank sub soiler; KMC 3 pt. 12 ft. spring tooth finish harrow with rear crumbler; JD 14 ft. 3 pt. spring tooth field harrow with gauge wheels; 8 ft. 3 pt. spring tooth field cultivator with leveler and roller; Two (2) 3 pt. 6 ft. undercutter bar; Two (2) KMC 3 pt. (4 row and 3 row) cultivators with rolling shields; I & J 3 pt. 3 row cultivator; 3 pt. 6 ft. disk; Two (2) 3 pt. 6 ft. cultivators; 3 pt. 7 ½ ft. spring harrow with leveling teeth;

GENERAL PURPOSE:   10 ft. 3 pt. box scraper with trailing wheels; JD MX6 3 pt. rotary mower; JD 3 pt. 4 ft. rotary mower; Frontier 3 pt. heavy duty 9 ft. multi-angle scraper blade; CIH 575 manure spreader; CIH 550 manure spreader; Two (2) 2500 gal. vertical poly tanks; Two (2) 550 gal. poly nurse tanks with transfer pumps mounted on 4 wheel running gears; Pacer transfer pump with gas engine; Two (2) 4 wheel flat deck wagons; 2 wheel flat deck trailer; 30 ft. x 50 ft. steel frame building (framework) in pile; Selection of new, quality shovels, rakes, hoes, etc.!!

IRRIGATION Sells First @ 10:00 A.M.:   App. 300 pcs. of 3 in. x 40 ft. alum. Shur Rain irrigation pipe with risers and #30 sprinklers; App. 80 pcs. of 4 in. x 40 ft. main line pipe Shur Rain; App. 60 pcs. of 4 in. x 40 ft. alum. Shur Rain pipe with #70 sprinklers; Two (2) pipe trailers; Six (6) Nelson #100 guns; Selection of 3 in. and 4 in. irrigation fittings; Six (6) Hobbs Hard Hose travelers: Five (5) model 1033, 3.3 in. hose, turn table; One (1) model 1030, 3.3 in. hose, fixed table; (All turbo driven, single axle, various lengths, 480 to 860 ft.);   

A bit of something for everyone just before the new year! See you on the 18th at the Scrivani Farm!    Nice Line!  

TERMS: CASH.   Honorable checks will be accepted from known parties to the Auction Company or the Sellers.  Unknown Persons shall present at registration a currently dated “Letter of Good Standing” from their bank, signed and on official letterhead and specifically addressed to this auction. Proper ID required for bidder card. Lunch and comfort facilities on site! WATCH our website for any updates: www.pirrunginc.com

Owned by: Tom and Deb Scrivani
For INFORMATION ON ITEMS SELLING in this Auction CALL with Specific questions to 856-297-7725   OR
Email Specific questions to: [email protected]

Jim VanHise—Sales Manager 609-331-0311

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