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From Either I-95 (just south of the I-476/95 intersection) OR From I-295 or the N.J. Turnpike Exit #2, take U.S. 322 east to the Route 45-322 intersection (red light) at Mullica Hill, turn left onto Rte. 45 and follow to first red light to turn left onto East Wolfert Station Road (Co. Rd. 664) follow 1 mile to farm on left.

Retiring from a lifetime of vegetable farming, selling will be a top notch line of lightly used, highly maintained, shed kept equipment!  
PREVIEW WEEK of Auction ONLY!! 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

TRACTORS—FORKLIFT—GATOR—TIRES—WEIGHTS:   2012 JD 5093E “Limited” MFWD, full cab, 1134 hrs., 12x12 trans. (ABC-1,2,3,4) left hand reverser and “loader ready” with joy stick and hyd. plumbing, 2 hyd. remotes, 2 sp. 540 p.t.o., 18.4x30 and 12.4x24 loaded tires; 2007 JD 5325, 4WD, creeper gear, 3204 hrs., Sync. Shuttle, 9 sp. trans., 2 post canopy, 2 remotes, 11.2x38 and 11.2x24 tires, 2 sp. 540 p.t.o.; 2017 JD 5045E, 2WD, 144 hrs., 2 post canopy, single remote, 9 sp. trans., 11.2x38 rear tires; 2010 JD 5065E, 2WD, 1620 hrs., 9 sp. trans., 2 post canopy, 2 remotes, 16.9x30 loaded rear tires; 2009 JD 5065E, 2WD, 1956 hrs., 9 sp. trans., 2 post canopy, 2 remotes, loaded 16.9x30 tires; Set of NEW 14.9x28 loaded tires on JD rims; Set of NEW 16.9x30 tires on JD rims; Thirty (30) JD suitcase weights; Datsun (by Nissan) LP 2000 forklift, auto., hard rubber tires, standard up/down only two stage mast to 106 inch height; 2010 JD TX 4x2 Gator, manual dump box, 1239 hrs.; Farmall “AV” Hi-Crop offset tractor complete with cultivators, replaced “Super C” engine, 10/36 tires; Also Selling some cultivator parts for AV type tractors;

VEGETABLE BINS—BOXES:   Forty Eight (48) “Macro” plastic bins #32pp; App. 400 green plastic 5/8 bu. baskets; 300 (2018 this year!) 1 bu. yellow picking baskets; Forty (40) picking (plastic) baskets with handles; App. 300 soft bottom wooden 1 bu. baskets; Six (6) grain tight wooden pallet boxes; Forty (40) 48 in. x 40 in. wooden pallets;  

VEGETABLE FARMING LINE  Monosem 3 pt. tool bar single row precision planter, 24 in. plate, fert. and insect boxes, herbicide spray unit; Crop Care “One Side Boom Crop Sprayer”, 25 ft. adjustable height boom, 500 gal. poly tank, hydro pump, chemical injection, hand rinse tank; 2012 Crop Care 300 gal. poly tank sprayer, (model TR300) p.t.o. pump, 30 ft. manual fold boom, foam markers; Two (2) JD #33 seed units on 3 pt. tool bar; Also Two (2) #33 seed units only; Various seed plates for #33 planter units; Nolt’s p150 3 pt. water wheel planter; I&J single row 3 pt. Danish teeth cultivator with hydro driven Cole/Powell side dresser; One (1) each of I&J two row and single row cultivators, both with Danish teeth and side shields; Nolt’s bed shaper, 3 pt., 32 in. bed, with drip tape attachment; Kennco 3 pt. plastic layer (4 ft. to 6 ft.) with drip tape attachment; Nolt’s brand new single spool drip tape layer; Nolt’s 3 pt. plastic lifter; Demco 3 pt. (middles) hood sprayer; Two (2) Rain Flo universal size adjustment water wheels; Also 15 in., 18 in., 24 in., and 36 in. water wheels; Hardi 3 pt. 100 gal. poly tank sprayer will spray 5 rows on 5 ft. centers; Vicon PS403S 3 pt. broadcast spreader; Kennco 3 pt. 4 ft. bed shaper; Two (2) 8 ft. x 18 ft. tandem axle wooden rack field trailers;

GREENHOUSE AND INDOOR ITEMS  20 ft. x 96 ft. hoop greenhouse (bolted for easy take down) selling complete with Sebring oil heater and fans; Gast model “DOA” manual wand type vacuum tray seeder; Nicely build homemade (turnip) root washer, round drum (36 in. wide x 40 in. x 28 in. deep) plastic tumblers for “Food Safe”; “AZ” 24 in. washer/dryer unit with infeed conveyor, 10 brush washer and 10 “slinger type” drying brushes; 17 ft. long x 10 in. one way belt conveyor; 19 ft. double chain box conveyor with auto. stop; 10 ft. x 18 in. smooth belt conveyor with bagging end; Three (3) 4 ft. long x 18 in. wide steel product benches; Alum. dock plate; 8 ft. and 6 ft. steel wash tanks;

IRRIGATION:    2011 JD 4 cyl. diesel power unit (1189 hrs.) 140 h.p., on cart with Berkeley 6x4 high pressure pump (B4EYQBHS) with elect. primer; 2008 JD 4 cyl. diesel power unit (2265 hrs.) 114 h.p., on cart, elect. primer, Berkeley 6x4 pump (B4EYQBM); Netafim drip filtration unit on cart, “6 Arkal” (up to 9 acres) with liquid fert. supplication plug; Netafim drip filtration system on cart, “4Arkal” (up to 6 acres) with liquid fert. applicator plug; Two (2) fuel tanks on wheels; Bauer “85TXPLUS” (750 ft. x 3 in.) hard hose traveler, hydro. return, turntable, single axle; Two (2) pipe haul wagons; 40 Moore Rain 5 in. x 40 ft. alum. pipe; 50 Irrico 5 in. x 40 ft. alum. pipe; 20 Irrico 4 in. x 40 ft. alum. pipe; 30 Irrico 4 in. x 20 ft. alum. pipe; Lay flat hose with various manifolds, 5 ft. centers;

GENERAL PURPOSE:   1991 IH 4900 dry box delivery truck, 277,447 miles, S/A, DT466 diesel, 5 sp. rebuilt trans., new brakes and tires this year, Morgan 18 ft. box, roll up rear door, 27,000 GVW; 1968 Ford 700 gas truck, S/A, only 40,480 2nd owner miles, 2 sp. rear, 18 ft. flat deck; 2001 RAM 2500 passenger/cargo can, farm use, 131,000 miles; 100 bu. older gravity bin with hyd. auger mounted on 4 wheel running gear; Two (2) Real Nice Farmco 8 ft. x 18 ft. wooden flat rack wagons with 8 ton running gears, flotation tires, and outfitted with turn lights and running lights; Three (3) 4 bin tote wagons; Single axle 7 ft. x 10 ft. and 8 ft. x 12 ft. field carts; Bush Hog 3209 heavy duty 9 ft. pull type (540 p.t.o.) rotary mower; DanHauser 3 pt. post auger with 18 in. bit; Single row sweet potato vine cutter and sweet potato plow; 300 gal. poly tank on cart; 3 pt. cement mixer; Lincoln “Ranger 8” portable “AC-DC” welder/generator, Onan 16 gas engine, only 244 hrs., also has Acc. tank holders on the cart; “Little Genie” 2-b. x 14 in. plow, steel wheels, hyd. lift; MC 5 ft. sickle bar horse drawn mower; Like New “UM” 20 ft. hyd. fold “perfectaharrow”; 2018 “UM” 6 ft. perfectaharrow; IH #37 10 ft. transport disk; Brillion 3 pt. 3 shank V-ripper; Wack-a-trac 3 pt. tire track eliminator; 3 pt. 10 tooth chisel plow; 3 pt. Meeca harrow/bed maker; Old 3 pt. 7 ½ ft. spring tooth harrow; Two (2) 3 pt. adjustable row markers; 3 pt. 14 ft. spike tooth harrow; Ford 5 ft. cut harrow; JD 3 pt. single shank subsoiler; 6 ft. and 9 ft. 3 pt. tool bars; New Ferguson 3 pt. 8 ft. tool bar;  JD 750 no-till 15 ft. (7 1/2 in. spacing) grain only drill;  

We’ll have some excitement with Sammy on Sale Day! Great Line of Really Nice Equipment that you don’t find at every auction. Mark your calendar for the 23rd! Lunch and comfort facilities on site! 
 PREVIEW Sale Week ONLY 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

TERMS: CASH!!  Honorable checks will be accepted from persons known and in good standing by the Owners or Auction Company for immediate release of items!
UNKNOWN PERSONS NEED CURRENTLY DATED BANK LETTER Addressed to this Auction For Immediate Removal, Otherwise leave purchases until check clears.  Acceptable ID required for bidder card. Nothing to be removed until settled for in full Sale Day!

Owned by: Samuel Tomarchio and Son
For Specific INFO on Items Selling Call Sam @ 856-297-2558

Robbinsville, New Jersey    609-331-0311

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