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2063 Oldmans Creek Road--County Rd 602 (west off of Co. Rd 551)
(Swedesboro—South Jersey Area)
(NOTE: Severe Ice or Blizzard Date: Monday March 2nd)

From State Route 40 (west of Woodstown and east of Delaware Memorial Bridge) at the flashing light turn north onto Pointers-Auburn Rd, (Co. Rd. 646), into Auburn and proceed north to Co. Rd. 551 to first stop light, turn west onto Co. Rd. 602 (Oldmans Creek Rd) .7 mi. to farm on right.

From New Jersey Turnpike Exit #2 turn west onto State Rte. 322 follow to make a left turn on Co. Rd. 551 south into “Old Swedesboro” cross over Center Square Rd (Co. Rd. 620) and proceed on 551 to the 2nd red light making a right turn onto Co. Rd. 602, follow .7 mi. to farm on right.

From I-95 take State Rte 322 East crossing Com. Barry Bridge and follow to Rte. 295 south. Follow 295 just 1 exit to Exit #10, follow Center Square Rd. (Co. Rd. 620 south) to 1st stop light past Wawa Store light, right turn onto Beckett Rd., follow to “T” making left turn, 1 ½ mi. to farm on the left.  

Joe and Fred Nicolosi having successfully farmed and built a strong reputation in the vegetable industry for 50 plus years are retiring! Everything from this old farm sells!  

NOTE SALE ORDER: 8:45 A.M. Team #1 selling small items and pallet lots until completed!
9:15 A.M. ALL Irrigation starting with pumps followed by Veg. Wagons, and Sprayers.  (Hoop Houses sell at 10:00 A.M.)   App. Noon Delivery/other Trucks;   App. 12:30 P.M. Tractors and tractor accessories; Veg. and Field Equipment Sells after Tractors; Containers, forklifts, warehouse items later. 
Two (2) Teams Selling at various times, PLAN!  Long day, plan ahead. 

IRRIGATION PUMPS (all on carts)—SAND FILTERS—PIPE—VEG.WAGONS--SPRAYERS: (Selling at 9:15 A.M.!!)   JD 6 cyl. diesel 6 x 4 Berkley pump with elec. primer, 1502 hrs.; JD 6 cyl. diesel, 6 x 4 Berkley pump with elec. primer, 3000 hrs.; JD 6 cyl. diesel model 6404, 6 x 4 Berkley pump, with elec. primer; JD 6 cyl. diesel, 6 x 4 Berkley pump with elec. primer; JD 6 cyl. diesel, 4430 engine, power unit only; Cummins engine, Berkley pump, elec. primer, (new engine) for drip irrigation; NH S170 6 cyl. diesel, Cummins engine, 6 x 4 Berkley pump, elec. primer; GM 471 Detroit diesel, 6 x 4 Berkley pump, elec. primer; GM 671 Detroit, 6 x 4 Berkley pump; Ford V-8 gas, 6 x 4 Hale pump, vacuum primer; Ford V-8 gas engine, 6x6 Hale pump, vacuum primer; IH V-8 gas engine, 6x6 Marlow pump, vacuum primer (homebuilt); Seven (7) Flow Guard Sand Filters: (6) 2 pod and (1) 3 pod on good wagon gears!; Ten (10) 550 gal. fuel tanks on wheels for irrigation pumps;

PIPE:   Rainbow & Wade 80 pcs. of 8 in. x 20 ft.; Rainway, Racebilt, Mathieson, Moore Rain 400 plus pcs. of 6 in. x 40 ft.; Moore Rain 100 pcs. of 5 in. x 40 ft.; 150 pcs. of 4 in. x 40 ft. with risers and sprinklers; 100 pcs. 4 in. x 40 ft. main line or big guns; PVC PIPE: Schedule 40 PVC pipe with bell ends set for drip 5 ft. centers: 525 plus pcs. 6 in. x 20 ft.;--Plus 375 plus pcs. 4 in. x 20; 6 in. lay flat; Five (5) pipe wagons; Five (5) bin wagons; Nine (9) nice flat rack field wagons 12 to 22 ft.;

SPRAYERS:   Kenco pull type, 600 gal., 70 ft. hyd. fold booms, tandem axle; Crop Care model AGX300T, pull type, 300 gal., 40 ft. hyd. fold booms; Clark pull type, 300 gal. alum. tank, 25 ft. manual fold booms; Enviro mist shield, 60 gal. tank, 3 pt.; Hydraulic 3 pt. rolling wick sprayer with 24 gal. tank; Pull type, 500 gal. tank set up for drip fertigation; Pull type 300 gal. s.s. tank set up for herbicide work; Four (4) poly 1000 gal. tanks;

1999 Kenworth C12 T800 Cat 435 hp engine, 10 sp. auto trans., twin screw 10-wheel, 22.5 rubber, AC, GVW 58,000, 454,913 miles/Thermo King KD-II reefer unit, Morgan 26 ft. insulated high clearance body, roll up back and curb side door;  
1990 Kenworth with sleeper, 3406 Cat diesel engine, 8 sp. trans., twin screw 10-wheel, 22.5 rubber, AC, GVW 50,000, 806,157 miles/Thermo King KD-II reefer unit, Morgan 25 ft. insulated body, roll up back and curb side door;
1993 Ford L9000, Cummins engine, 10 sp. Road Ranger, AC, GVW 52,000, twin screw 10 wheel, 22.5 rubber, 363,635 miles/Thermo King R402A reefer unit, Morgan 26 ft. high clearance insulated body, roll up back and curb side door;  
Diamond Reo diesel, 10 wheeler twin screw, 5 s p. high low trans. (creeper gear), air brakes, 24 ft. flat body, cab protector; 1977 Ford 800 diesel, single axle, 5 sp. trans., 24 ft. steel flat body with cab protector; 1974 Ford 800 gas, single axle, 5 sp. trans., flat body with cab protector; 1970 Ford 7000 V-8 gas, single axle, with 15 ft. flat rack with hoist; 1988 Ford F600 diesel, 5 sp. trans., single axle dump truck with 14 ft. body and roll tarp, diamond plate floor; 1967 Ford gas, 5 sp. trans., single axle, with 16 ft. steel flat body with cab protector; 1952 Army truck gas, 5 sp. trans. high/low, continental engine, (no body) 10 ton winch on front; Two (2) Ford pickup trucks 1986 and 1996 with flat bed; 16 ft. steel flat body with cab protector; 22 ft. steel flat body with cab protector;

28 TRACTORS PLUS ACCESSORIES: (Sell at App. 12:30)   JD 8300 MFWD, full cab, Power shift trans., 1000 p.t.o. quick hitch, 20.8x42 axle duals, 16.9x30 front rubber, 3 remotes, 8090 hrs.; JD 6415 2WD, full cab, Power Quad trans./Power reverser, 18.4x34/10.00-16 rubber, 2 remotes, 540 p.t.o., grill guard; JD 4050 MFWD, full cab, Quad. Range trans., 540 & 1000 p.t.o., 18.4x38/14.9x26 rubber, bar axle, 2 remotes, front fenders, 2206 hrs.; JD 4230 diesel, open station/4 post ROPS, 8 sp. Synchro trans., 540 &1000 p.t.o., 16.9x38/10.00x16 rubber, 2 remotes, 5071 hrs.; JD 4020 diesel, 8 sp. Synchro trans., side console, 540 & 1000 p.t.o., 18.4x34/10.00x16 rubber, 2 remotes; JD 4020 diesel tricycle n.f.e., 2 post ROPS canopy, 540 & 1000 p.t.o., 15.5x38 rubber, 2 remotes, with front mount folding rolling cultivators; JD 2520 diesel, row crop, side console, 540 & 1000 p.t.o., cast rear wheels 13.6x38/7.50x18 rubber, 2 remotes, with JD #46 hyd. loader; JD 2520 2WD diesel, open station, 8 sp. Synchro on column, 13.6x38/7.50x18 rubber, 540 & 1000 p.t.o., 1 remote, bar axle, 4206 hrs.; JD 3010 gas, tricycle, row crop, 13.6x38 rubber, power adjust, 2 remotes; JD 1630 2WD, diesel, open station, 2 post ROPS canopy, 8 sp. trans., 12.4x36/7.50x16 rubber, 540 p.t.o., 1 remote, flange axle, 2735 hrs.;  

Ford 3610 utility 2WD, diesel, open station, with 2 post ROPS canopy, 8 sp. trans., with reverser, 14.9x28/7.50x16 rubber; Ford 800 gas utility, w.f.e., 5 sp. trans., 14.9x24/6.00x16 rubber, 540 p.t.o., 3 pt.; Ford 800 gas utility, 5 sp. trans., 14.9x24 rear rubber, 540 p.t.o., 3 pt., grill guard, power steering; Ford 900 2WD gas, Hi-Clearance, 12.4x42/6.50x16 rubber, 540 p.t.o., 3 pt.;  

“VTB” Model U-350 (Romania) diesel utility, w.f.e., 6 sp. trans., 13.6x28/5.50x16 rubber, 540 p.t.o., 3 pt. (an unusual tractor for hay ride conversation!);

Farmall AV offset, Hi-Clearance with cultivator, 9.5x36 rubber, 540 p.t.o., hyd. touch control; Farmall AV offset, Hi-Clearance with cultivator, 9.5x36 rubber, hyd. touch control; Farmall AV offset, Hi-Clearance with drawbar, 9.5x36 rubber; Farmall AV Hi-Clearance 9.5x36 rubber; Farmall AV offset, Hi-Clearance, with custom spray hoods on front cultivator frame, 9.5x36 rubber, hyd. touch control; Farmall AV offset with cultivators, Hi-Clearance, 540 p.t.o., 9.5x36 rubber, hyd. touch control; Farmall “Super” C, tricycle, 11.2x36 rubber, mounted 2 row cultivator; Farmall “H”, w.f.e., with flat top fenders, 540 p.t.o., 12.4x38 rubber, rear draw bar; Farmall 460 gas tricycle, 13.6x38 rubber, 540 p.t.o., 2 pt. fast hitch; Farmall 300 gas, tricycle, T.A., 12.4x38 rubber, 540 p.t.o., 2 pt. fast hitch; Farmall 350 gas tricycle, T.A., 12.4x38 rubber, 540 p.t.o., 2 pt. fast hitch;

Case 580 Super E backhoe, 2WD, full cab, standard hoe with 24 in. digging bucket, 16.9x24/11Lx16 rubber, 5968 hrs.;

IH T340 K3 Crawler/Drott 4 in 1, Homemade 4 post ROPS, front bucket, rear counter weight;

Accessories Include:   JD and Ford weights; (1) set of 13.6x28 trail duals; JD and other hyd. cylinders; Set of front mount cultivator frames; Various engines, transmissions and drawbars; Power lifts; Rear end assemblies-- Front axle, all for Farmall AV high clearance tractors; 18.4x38 Snap On duals; 14.9x28 rear tires and rims for 6 bolt centers; 14x 38 tires and rims with 10 bolt holes;

VEGETABLE FIELD EQUIPMENT:   Monosem model 450 planter, 3 pt., 2 row adjustable with markers; Kenco 2-row, 3 pt. water wheel planter, extra wheels; Kenco 1-row, 3 pt. water wheel planter; JD 2-row narrow sweet corn planter; 3 pt. tool bar with 4 Planet Jr. units; Two (2) JD 1-row planter units for corn; Two (2) 1-row mechanical pot transplanters; Two (2) 1-row plug transplanters; Two (2) Holland 1-row transplanters; JD 3-row, 3 pt., small seed planter; Strickland sweet potato “flip plow”, 4-row discs, hyd. pitch; Two (2) JD model 30, 2-row potato diggers; IH 1-row p.t.o. potato digger; 2-row 3 pt. potato vine cutter; 4-row, 3 pt. rolling cultivator; 2-row, bed maker, 5 ft. centers, with dry fert. boxes and markers; KMC 2-row, 3 pt. side dresser with dry fert.; Steel wheel 1-row fert. spreader, wood box; Brady pull type, 6 ft. vine chopper; 1-row, 3 pt. disk cultivator; 3 pt. tool bar with liquid applicator and markers; 3 pt. 6 ft. tool bar; Ferguson 1-row, 3 pt. plastic lifter; Lilliston 2-row cultivator; Hillside 3 pt. 2-row rolling cultivator, adjustable width; Renaldi rotary vine cutter for “over plastic”; 3 pt. heavy duty veg. side dresser with rolling blades; Double portajohns on flat trailer gear with wash sink; 3 pt. tool bar with variable set row marker;

TILLAGE TOOLS AND GENERAL PURPOSE:   C-IH 7500 variable width, 7-b on the land trailer plow with spring coulters; Krause 3950 27 ft. transport disk; Unverferth 220 folding 28 ft. rolling harrow; Unverferth 18 ft. folding perfectaharrow; JD 3 pt. chisel plow 12 ft. with transport wheels; IH 5-b plow; IH 14 ft. transport disk; JD 15 ft. field cultivator; JD 12 ft. cultimulcher; JD 8 ft. transport cut harrow; Seven (7) older cut harrows, 3 pt. and pull type; JD 12 ft. cut harrow; Frontier 4 ft. 3 pt. disk; 3 pt. heavy duty subsoiler plus can plant asparagus; MF 43 3-b 3 pt. plow; JD 2-row front mount cultivator; 3 pt. frame for liquid nitrogen tank; JD 4-row 3 pt. tool bar with 3 sets of coil shanks; 3 pt. 7 ft. scraper blade; 10 ft. hyd. lift box scraper; Two (2) JD tool bar cult. with coil shanks;

GENERAL PURPOSE:   JD grain only end wheel grain drill; JD 1008 10 ft. pull type offset rotary mower; JD 3 pt. 370 flail type 6 ft. finish mower; JD 609 3 pt. 6 ft. and 3 pt. 7 ft. and 3 pt. 5 ft. rotary mowers; Gehl 600 1-row corn chopper with hay head; Tarter (new) 3 pt. broadcast spreader; Plus other from this long established farm!!  

SIXTEEN (16) HOOP HOUSES: (Sell at 10:00 A.M.)   One (1) 30 x 100 House with fans and heaters; Fifteen (15) 20x100 houses most sell with fans, heaters, easy to take down!;  

CONTAINERS—BOXES—PEPPER/TOMATO STAKES—FUEL TANKS:   140 Macro Bins 46x46x20 deep; 650 Plus good wooden nestable pallet boxes; 875 5/8 green & 1000 5/8 yellow picking baskets; 700 orange bu. picking baskets; 135 pallet boxes of tomato and pepper stakes sold by the pallet box lot; Lg. Qty. of good “Spring Type” metal ground hoops! Over 1000 wooden apple boxes used for sweet potatoes; Dozen (12) good van trailers for dry storage; Van trailers with working reefers for warehouse cold storage; Two (2) 4000 gal. diesel and One (1) 3000 gal. gas tanks each with electric pumps; Qty. of good “Spring Type” metal ground hoops! 

FORKLIFTS:   Three (3) Yale lp gas hard tire forklifts all with tilt, 2 with side shift, (1) 4900 lb. has turn table, others are 3000 lb. and 2900 lb. lifts; Komatsu 15, hard tires, lp gas, tilt, side shift, 2600 lb.; Cat TowMaster hard tires, tilt and side shift, 3000 lb.; Komatsu 18 LP forklift, needs work;

PACKING LINES:   Vegetable Packing Line Selling Individually: Kerian 4 ft. speed sizer; 4 lane with take offs; 3 ft. x 8 ft. rolling picking table; 16 in. x 15 ft. elevated trash belt; 3 ft. x 8 ft. elevator rolling table; Lake States 3 ft. x 5 ft. waxer; 32 in. x 10 ft. flat belt conveyor; 3 ft. x 5 ½ ft. flat belt conveyor; rolling skates for packing;
3 ft. Vegetable Packing Line Selling Complete, 5 pc. unit with rolling picking table BEFORE, Prewash rolling picking table TO s.s. 21 roll washer TO Rolling picking table TO flat belt packing stations; Also Plastic chain asparagus washer; Toledo bench scale; 4 ft. box fan;

NOTE SALE ORDER!!:  Plenty of smalls and misc. items to start at 8:45 A.M.;
ALL Irrigation at 9:15 A.M. then Trucks app. 11:45 A.M. Tractors app. 12:30 followed by all the rest! (Hoop Houses @ 10:00 A.M.)  
Two Auction Teams at Various Times, PLAN!!

TERMS: CASH!!  Honorable checks will be accepted from persons known and in good standing with the Auction company or the Owners for immediate release of items!  
UNKNOWN PERSONS NEED CURRENTLY DATED BANK LETTER addressed to this particular auction for immediate removal privilege! (Not a bank statement on your phone.) All persons will need acceptable ID for bidder card. Lunch and comfort facilities on site!

REGISTRATION NOTICE:  Bidders Cards Will Be Passed Out on FRIDAY From 10:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. AND Beginning at 7:30 A.M. on Auction Day! Have your ID in Hand!!

Owned by Nicolosi Brothers, LLC
“Joe” 609-685-4528 OR “Fred” 609-743-0293

Auction Manager:  Jim VanHise, Robbinsville, New Jersey 609-331-0311

Auction Conducted By
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