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“The Marino Family”

SATURDAY DECEMBER 11, 2021 @ 9:00 A.M./10:00 A.M.
SUNDAY DECEMBER 12, 2021 @ 10:00 A.M.

DIRECTIONS:  I-295 Exit #10 Swedesboro left off ramp to go East onto Center Square Road (Co Rd 620) follow about 3 miles to circle, take Co Rd 605 south, under bridge take left turn onto Co Rd 668 east (Harrisonville Rd), follow about 3 miles to right turn onto Vestry Road.

From Mullica Hill or Woodstown State Route 45 south of Mullica Hill/north of Woodstown turn west onto Co Rd 668 (Harrisonville Rd) follow about 3 miles to left turn onto Vestry Road.

After several generations of successful farming the family is retiring from farming to pursue other agricultural business interests. Selling over two (2) days will be a line-up like you have Never Seen before with something here for everyone!

NOTE The SALE ORDER at the Bottom of the Ad.

SHOP ITEMS @ 9:00 A.M. Until Completed!:  22T air floor jack;  Various air tools;  Selection of nuts/bolts/fasteners in Lawson steel bins/ cabinets;  floor jacks;  cutting torches;  Stihl gas chop saw;  Jack stands;  Hyd. press;  Stationary band saw;  Two (2) bulk oil tanks;  Heavy rolling bench with vise;  Parts washer;  etc. etc.!!  (ALSO NOTE:  later in the main auction will be a large group of 300/500/1000 gal. fuel tanks;

43 TRACTORS/HARVEST AID/S.P. SPRAYER/PLANTER/COMBINE & HEADS:   2020 CIH Magnum 250 CVT-AFS Connect MFD (250 h.p.), CVX Drive, Ultra Premium Cab, Trimble 2050 RTK, 5 hydraulic remotes, PTO, #pt hitck, Michelin 480/70 R34 front duals, Michelin 520/80 R46 rear duals, front suspension, cab suspension, 38mph road speed, ONLY 265 hrs. Brand New this season!  2018 JD 9520R  Active hyd. front suspension, E-18 Power Shift, Fire Stone 710/70 R42, Deluxe Premium Cab, Stadium Lighting, PTO, 3pt hitch, rearview camera, 4 hydraulic remotes, Green Star RTK, 1226 hrs.;  JD 8370R MFWD IVT Premium Deluxe Cab, Hydraulic front suspension 420/85 R34 front duals, 520/85 R46 rear duals, 6 hydraulic remotes, PTO, 3pt hitch, Green Star RTK, Premium Stadium lighting, heated leather seat, frig., 2205 hrs.;    

 2018 Ramsey Highlander Self Propelled Harvest Aid 80 ft. telescoping two belt system, selling complete with 5th wheel buggy cart for highway transport, 1442 hrs.!;
(This harvest aid was designed for harvesting both field packed crops like broccoli & cabbage as well as bulk harvesting of cucumbers and bell peppers.  Comes with 2 different delivery systems, one to deliver packed boxes of product to the wagon or a bulk delivery to deliver products to bins.  The highway cart is perfect for quickly moving the unit from farm to farm or long distances via a road tractor.) To view this Harvest Aid in action, watch video above!

2019 NH SP310F IntiSpray self- propelled 4 wheel steer high clearance crop sprayer, Raven RS1 RTK Auto Steer, InteliSpray individual nozzle control, 3 way nozzle bodies on 15” centers, AccuBoom 10 section Control, Raven Slingshot, Auto Boom height control, 60-90 ft. booms, Premium Deluxe Cab, Premium Stadium Lighting, refrigerator, 35mph road speed, 1200 gal. s.s. tank, hyd. row track adjustment, 3 in. rapid fill, induction system, 1017 hrs.;
(Specialized sprayer for multiple uses. Perfect for large scale vegetable row crop operation. 4 wheel steering and the ability to fold booms while moving increase productivity dramatically. No other sprayer can cover as many vegetable acres in a day. 15” on center nozzles provide superior coverage, especially for vegetable crops. 72” high clearance allows for spraying over top staked vegetable crops or fungicide applications on field corn at tassel. The Raven Sling Shot allows for convenient transfer of jobs to sling shot portal immediately upon job completion, or upload pre-determined jobs from the office to the sprayer wirelessly through the portal.) To view this NH IntiSpray in action, watch video above!

CIH 8230 AFS, 4WD, Combine, deluxe auto steer adjust, tilting field feeder house, 50/6526 rear, 620/70-R42 dual wheels, 1690 engine hrs., 1158 separator hrs.;  Geringhoff 12 row Rota Disc chopping head, insight head control, grind counter, hyd. deck plates, hyd. quick connect;  Horst header cart;  Mac Don FD75S 35 ft. flex draper head, hyd. quick connect;   Horst header cart;  J&M 750 grain cart, 1000 p.t.o.; Three (3) battery operated bird screechers mounted on 10 to 12 ft. post;  2018 JD 1795 12/23 ExactEmerge 5E SST no-till Corn/Bean Planter: High speed electric drive brush belt seed delivery system, individual row section control, active hydraulic row unit downforce, 12 row 2”X2” liquid fert, row cleaners, 420 gal front mounted liquid fertilizer tank, corn units rebuilt in 2021;

Gehl 5635SX skid loader, cab, bucket, only 700 hrs.;   CIH MX120 4x4 MFWD, tractor, cab with H&A, 16 sp. partial power shift, 3 pt., 3 remotes, 540/1000 p.t.o., 18.4R38 rear, 14.9R28 front, 1402 hrs.;   CIH MX120 2WD tractor, cab with H&A, 16 sp. partial power shift, 3 pt.,  2 remotes, 540/1000 p.t.o., 18.4R38 rear, 11:00x16 front, 3104 hrs.;   CIH MX110 2WD tractor, cab with H&A, 16 sp. partial power shift, 3 pt., 2 remotes, 540/1000 p.t.o., 18.4R38 rear, 11:00x16 front, 2678 hrs.;

JD 6130R MFWD, cab, 3 remotes, 12 front weights, quick hitch, front fenders, 16.9x38 and 14.9x24 tires, IVT trans., 1952 hrs.;  Five (5) JD 5075E (2WD) open station, 1 remote, 9x3 trans., 540 p.t.o. hours range from 1067 to 1892;  JD 6105M (2WD) open station, power quad, creeper gear, 2 remotes, 16.9x38 rear tires, 916 hrs.;  JD 5525 (2WD) cab, power reverser, 2 remotes valves with 1 low pressure return, 16.9x38 rear tires, 3399 hrs.;  Two (2) JD 6620 (2WD) open station, with left hand power reverser, power quad, 16.9x38 rear tires;  JD 6620 (2WD) open station, power quad, creeper gear, 2 remotes, bar axle, fender hitch controls, 16.9x38 tires;  JD 6230 (2WD) open station, power quad, creeper gear, left hand reverser, fender hitch controls, bar axle, 2 remotes, 540 p.t.o., 16.9x38 tires (hrs. unknown);  JD 6620 (2WD) left hand reverser, power quad, “3rd link”, 2 remotes, bar axle, 2 post folding ROPS;     JD 2640 Row Crop (2WD) 2 remotes, 540, 13.6x46 rear and near new 7.5x20 front tires;       JD 2640 (2WD) 1 remote, 15.5x38 tires (missing dash cowling);  JD 2950 (2WD) open station, 2 remotes, 540/1000, 18.4x34;  JD 2550 utility with rusted orchard fenders, 1 remote, 16.9x24;  JD 4320, 2 post canopy, side console, 2 remotes, 540/1000, 18.4x38;  JD 4320 open station, fenders, 2 remotes, 540/1000, 18.4x38;  Two (2) JD 4020 diesel, side console, (1 remote; 2 remotes) 540/1000, 15.5x38 and 18.4x34;  JD 3020 Row Crop, diesel, 2 remotes, 13.6x38;

Ford 7610 Series II (2WD), 2 post ROPS, 8 sp., 3 remotes, 540, 16.9x38 tires, 8400 hrs.;  
NH TN95E cab tractor, (2WD), 2 remotes, 420/70R28 rear tires, 6 front weights;  Ford 7610 Mudder, (high clearance) 2 post ROPS canopy, 2 remotes, 540, 10 front weights, all tires are 12.4x54;  Ford 6610 Series II utility, ROPS, (2WD), 8 sp., 1 remote, 16.9x30;  Ford 6600 (2WD) utility, power adjust rear, 8 sp., 540, 3 pt. (damaged), 15.5x38 tires;  Ford 7000 (2WD) open station, homebuilt orchard fenders, 3 remotes, (no 3 pt.), down sweep exhaust, front grill guard;  Ford 5030 utility (2WD) with orchard fenders, 8 sp. trans., 2 remotes, 540, 16.9x24;  Ford 460 utility (2WD) orchard fenders, 8 sp., 540, 1 remote;  Ford 4610 Series I (2WD) utility with orchard fenders, 1 remote;  Ford 4100 (2WD) utility, orchard fenders, 1 remote, 540, 16.9x24;  Ford 4000 utility, orchard fenders, 3 pt., 540, no remotes;

Two (2) MF 3225S (2WD) “Orchard Special”, fenders, 2 remotes, 16.9x24;  Two (2) MF 245 and MF 240 (2WD) orchard tractors, 540, 13.6x28, no remotes;  MF 235 (2WD) utility, 3 pt., 540, no remotes, 12.4x38 tires;  Two (2) “IMT539 Deluxe” (2WD) diesel, wagon pulling tractor with no remotes, 1 no 3 pt., 12.4x28 tires, orchard fenders;  CAT model 9500 wheel loader (4 WD) with bucket; 20 plus JD suitcase weights;

TILLAGE:   FORIGO G45-450 15ft 3 Row Stone Burier-Reverse Till (Brand New Used Once) Removable tines to rework vegetable beds without disturbing drip tape and/or to work and shape asparagus ridges with one pass. Can also run all the tines and till, shape vegetable bed, apply drip tape all in one pass without the need for any primary tillage;  Landoll 7530VT 29 ft. vertical tillage tool, cushion gang with hydraulic downforce double rear rolling baskets, hydraulic adjustable gripe, hydraulic adjustable fore and aft, rear hitch and hydraulic remote;  JD 2630 TruSet 30 ft. 8 in. tillage tool, cushion gangs, front gauge wheels, disk harrow with hydraulic down force rolling basket straight blades, Green Star GPS controlled;  Krause Landsman 35 ft. model 6150 with spring shanks, spring loaded, 3 tine leveler with rolling basket;  J&M TF212 35 ft. tillage tool with front level bar, 16 in. baskets;  JD 995 8-b Para Plow (switch plow) with Sterling plow packer!;  JD 2700 9 shank (22in. centers), 16ft. 5in. Disc Ripper, (individual “C” shanks) with rear residue management spring loaded conditioning discs;  Landoll 1230 trailer type grader with hyd. adjust 6 way angle blade, weight box with counter weight;  Rayne Plane 41CW land leveler;  CIH DMI 2500 6 shank inline no-till deep ripper;  CIH 7500 heavy duty 7-b. variable width plow, auto reset, with buster bar;  Unverferth 10 ft. Perfecta-A-Harrow Series 2;  Three (3) Frontier 3 pt. 5 ft. disks;

GENERAL PURPOSE LINE:   Unverferth 3755XL Seed Runner, scale and belt, triple axle, wireless remote control, roll tarp, 235/85/RT6 tires, Honda motor;  Three (3) Demco saddle tank units for tractor frame mounting, each with (2) 250 gal. water tanks with roller pumps;  Woods Alloway  15 ft. stalk shredder, knives with D-rings, 4 rear swivel transport wheels;  Chandlier lime spreader/litter carrier, tandem axle with 19Lx16.1 tires;  GVM Trans Speed Spreader, 5.5 ton cap., 2 spinners, roll tarp, single axle, 500/60-22.5 tires;  Bush Hog 3210 orchard rotary mower (540 p.t.o.), front and rear shields; Two (2) JD MX5 5 ft. rotary mowers with home built rear rollers;  Two (2) JD 5 ft. rotary mowers;  Twenty Two (22) Zimmerman flat rack wagons;  Three (3) Trimble GPS systems; Stoltzfus model TC0S5X dry spreader, boom drop, hyd. fold out & lift booms, tandem axle;   JD 350 manure spreader, like new!;    AGCO Hesston model 1355, 12 ft. mower/conditioner;  Seventeen (17) water tanks (1-4000 gal. hort.; 1-3000 gal. hort.; 1-3000 gal. vert.; 11-1500 gal.; 2-1000 gal.; 1-550 gal.); One (1) trailer with 2 portajohn units and hand wash station; Pull type grader with 12 ft. box; Six (6) 1000 gal. fuel tank double walled; Eighteen (18) Fuel Tanks: (7-300 gal.; 2-300 gal. on carts; 7-500 gal.; 2-500 gal. on carts);  

VEGETABLE FIELD LINE:   Checchi Magli 6-row dual gold planter, trailer pull, 3 planter units on 5 ft. centers, 3 tier plant rack, water tanks, 12 head wheel;  Renaldo planter with Gaspardo seeder units, hyd. drive turbo fan, 3 rows on 5 ft. centers, around drive;  Three (3) RJ 23 ft. tandem axle plant transporters with roll-up sides;  Rain Flo 2550 Series II bed maker, custom 3-row on 5 ft. centers, drip attachment plastic layer, seats;  Rain Flow 2550 bed maker, high speed, 3-rows/5 ft. drip attachment; Homebuilt plastic retriever; Homebuilt 3 pt. tool bar plastic puncher with water;  KMC 3 pt. 3-row bedder buster;  Three (3) Kennco water wheel planters, 3 double rows on 5 ft. centers, plant racks, various planter wheels;  Kennco      3-row Asparagus planter with drip layer;  “Kennco Style” 3-row heavy duty plastic lifter, 3 pt. tool bar and Clymer spring loaded coulters;  Rears 3-row shielded weed sprayer;  Durand Wayland AF500G speed sprayer with s.s. tank;  Ag Tec 5003 fan hood sprayer, pull type, JD engine;  Kennco tow behind 500 gal. fiberglass tank boom sprayer, 540 p.t.o., 10:00/20 tires;  Three (3) Asparagus special trailers, 12x12, single axles;  Homebuilt 3 pt. tool bar plastic cutter;  Hillside 3 bed rolling cultivator; Two (2) 3-row tool bar rolling cultivators; Two (2) 3-row tool bar cultivator with S-tines; Three (3) 2-row tool bar cultivators with coil shanks; Ten (10) bin wagons;

TRUCK TRACTORS/TRAILERS:   2007 Peterbilt 379 Legacy Series, ISX 565 560hp, 73” Ultra Sleeper, 18 speed, twin screw, 1,804,660 miles;  2000 Peterbilt 379, 3406 Cat 475hp, 63” sleeper, 13 speed, twin screw, wet line, locking 5th wheel, 937,000 miles;  2001 Peterbilt 379, C15 Cat 550hp, 18 speed, 73” Ultra Sleeper, twin screw, wet line, locking 5th wheel, 1,309,000 miles;  2003 Kenworth T800, C-15 Cat, 475hp, 10 speed, twin screw, wet line, locking 5th wheel 386,458 miles;  1991 Rodgers 60 Ton Triaxle Air Ride Non Ground Bearing (self-lifting gooseneck) Low Boy: New deck, new ramps and all new tires and brakes;  2013 Trail Star 40 ft. Alum. frameless dump trailer, fiberglass bows, lift axle, tandem air ride, new hed liner, high sides, 3 way gate;  2006 AlumaTech Alum. half round 40 ft., dump frameless trailer, tandem axle, new liner, corn chute, 2 way gate; fiberglass bows;  2004 East “Genesis” 40 ft. Alum. dump frameless trailer, spread lift axle, tandem air ride, new liner, high sides, fiberglass bows, corn chute, 3 way gate;  1972 White 24 ft. alum. dump trailer with 3 way gate;  1987 Utility 48ft. Spring Ride refer;  1996 Utility 48ft. Air Ride Refer;  1998 Utility 48ft. Air Ride Refer;  1999 Great Dane 53ft. Air Ride Refer;  1999 Utility 53ft. Air Ride Refer;  Two (2) 2007 Utility 53ft. Air Ride Refers;  2016 Utility 53ft. Air Ride Refer;  1990 Fontaine 48 ft. flat wooden deck trailer;  Dorsey 45 ft. flat wooden deck trailer;

FARM TRUCKS:    Ford L9000 Aero-Max  Cat diesel air ride10-wheeler, flat steel deck truck;  Ford L9000 Aero-Max Sprayer Nurse Truck Cat Deisel air ride 10-wheeler flat steel deck truck with 4000 gal horizontal tank 3in. transfer pump 3in. plumbing and fill delivery chemical inductor and chemical storage boxes;  Mack “R” Series 10-wheeler dump body;  Ford 800 van body, single axle, Cat diesel;  Ford 700 flat bed, single axle;  Ford 1 ton Super Duty, power stroke, wooden flat bed;

FARM BUSES/PICKUPS:  Eight (8) Ford and short body labor buses;  2009 GMC Sierra 4WD, single cab, long bed, damage/rust;  2007 GMC Sierra 4WD, extended cab;  2001 Chevy Z71, 4WD, LS1500 single cab;  2001 Chevy 1500, 2WD, single cab;  1990 Ford F150, 4WD, single cab (cracked windshield);  2005 Ford F250, 4WD, crew cab, outfitted with Reading utility body, nice!  2004 Ford F150 step side, 4x4;  2015 GMC All Terrian, ext. cab;  2009 Chevy Z71 4x4, ext. cab, short box;  2001 Chevy 1500 4x4, single cab;  2007 GMC Z71 Sierra, 4x4, long bed;

IRRIGATION Sells @ 9:15 A.M.:  App. (48) 3G Rainbird radios with (2) base panels; App. (10) 4.5G Rainbird radios with (1) 4.5G panel; Six (6) Flow Guard 48 in. triple unit, stationary sand filter systems, auto back flush and 6 in. final screen; One (1) Yardley 48 in. triple unit, stationary sand filter system, auto back flush and (2) 4 in. final screens; 48 in. double unit sand filter on trailer, auto back flush and 6 in. final screen;  Auto disk filter unit; Three (3) Berkley pumps with Deutz engines; Two (2) Cornell pumps with Deutz engines; One (1) Hale pump with Deutz engine; (All Six are on trailer units.) One (1) Cornell pump with JD 4 cyl. engine on trailer; One (1) Hale pump with JD engine on trailer; Two (2) dual piston injection pumps; App. (27) Bermad 6 in. pressure regulators; App. (36) Bermad 4 in. pressure regulators; Various suction hoses;  

DAY 2 @ 10:00 A.M.—Home Farm Site!

Selling First:  1200 plus plastic #26 Macro Bins;  Next Four (4) Propane Forklifts:  
Yale model 30, 3000 lb., hard tires, side shift; Three (3) Yale 2700 lb., hard tires, side shifts;

GREENHOUSES:  Six (6) Deluxe 30 ft. x 300 ft. greenhouses by Gray Hawk (Canada) each outfitted correctly with four, three or two natural gas heaters, thermo controlled roll up sides, auto traveling water wand systems, very nice units. (Greenhouses to be removed by March 1, 2022); Two (2) Aluminum kit 25 ft. x 150 ft. hoop houses with heaters and fans;  FMC trailer sprayer with hand wand for greenhouse spraying;

S.S. Asparagus Line by T.W. Busby (Daretown, NJ): Sweet Corn/Asparagus 30 ft. S.S. box hydrocooler unit with 30 in. wide plastic belt; S.S. 16 station asparagus bunching (sorting) line with trash conveyor; S.S. 23 ft. plastic belt 12 in. trash conveyor; S.S. 9 ft. x 12 in. trash conveyor;

BIG HEAVY DUTY CUKE/PICKLE GRADING & PACKING LINE CONSISTING OF: Amp (Orlando, Florida) 72 in. wide 5 drop expanding roll size with 72 in. S.S. rollers, 5 take away side belts;  D.W. 48 in. x 16 ft. roller picking table with 3 on a side drop boxes to bottom center take away belt;  D.W. 48 in. washer with 19 soft and hard alternating brushes; 7 ft. S.S. 48 in. rolling infeed conveyor; 48 in. x 48 in. hyd. box dumper; Seven (7) 12 in. wide various length trash conveyors;  AMP 30 in. x 23 ft. S.S. sides flat belt conveyor; Two (2) AMP 30 in. x 7 ft. right angle conveyors turning to 30 in. x 9 ft.; 12 ft. long x 16 in. belt with stationary side packing area;  AMP 35 ft. x 60 in. flat belt distribution table with 7 gates; 72 in. wide x 7 ft. singular unit for labeling;  AMP 32 in. x 10 ft. belt conveyor with center divide;  AMP 24 in. x 12 ft. flat belt conveyor;

CORN/SQUASH/EGGPLANT/CABBAGE LINE:  Three (3) pallet wrapper Wulftec heavy duty unit and Two (2) IPM 10/10 wrappers; Qty. of rolling box skates; Pneumatic brake hyd. box dumper; S.S. self-contained flume with 38 in. x 14 ft. outfeed (up then down) gooseneck roller conveyor;  Precision 48 in. x 7 soft roll S.S. washer; 28 ft. x 48 in. flat belt S.S. hand packing unit with 5 on a side stations and 25 ft. attached take away belt on either side;

**DAY 2—LOCATION #2  at App. 1:00 P.M.**
(Located along County Rd 668 just before State Rte. 45)

Selling First:  Soils unit consisting of (units sell as separate components) homebuilt media mix tank:  B&L auto tray filler model 13375; B&L 14245 tray delivery belt and dribbler;  Blackmore  tray seeding machine with various drums; 9 ft. x 24 in. take away belt;  Blackmore auto top coat unit;  Blackmore S.S. tray watering conveyor with plastic belts;

THEN:  Aweta Autoline 4 lane computerized optical sort (peach) round fruit line with take away belt and traffic control;  AMI 10 ft. x 48 in. roller table;  D.W. AMI auto box fillers;  AMI 48 in. x 30 brushes washer;  Self-contained flume tank (needs wash) with take away conveyor;  PMS auto box maker for 7 down peach boxes; Overhead box carousel; Two (2) hyd. 48 x 48 in. box dumpers; 5000 gal. round vertical water tank; Pit style S.S. trash take away with 5 ft. gooseneck; 3 ph. (460V) high volume flume pump; 60 alum. 6 ft. and 11 alum. 8 ft. picking ladders;

HEAVY DUTY GREENHOUSE RACKS/TRAYS:   42 racks 16 shelves per unit, 16 trays per shelf (rack holds 256 total trays!); 81 full pallets of shelves with 32 shelves per pallet plus 25 loose shelves; Homebuilt tray washer;

STAKES AND ROW COVER WIRES: 355 Macro Bins full of app. 1180 good 24 in. stakes per bin; 94 Macro Bins full of app. 975 good 30 in. stakes per bin; 47 wooden bins of app. 975 good 30 in. stakes per bin; 114 metal cages/totes of 48 in. stakes;   (All Stakes are Ready to Use!)
13 Pallets of Heavy Gauge bent wire row covers with 75 bunches per pallet of 60 wires per bunch!; 10 pallets of Medium Gauge row cover wires with 75 bunches of 60 wires per bunch; Selection of plastic Green picking baskets; Red baskets; Orange baskets; Asparagus totes;  
14 pallets of straight wires (will flex) row covers 75 bunches of 80 wires per bunch per pallet;    14 pallets of good wire hoopes;   23 pallets used galv. older style hoopes; 

SERIOUS ABSENTEE OR PHONE BIDS will be accommodated!  Absentee Bids on letterhead, signed and dated, indicating “up to” bid, must be Emailed or by U.S. mail Received By Wed. Dec. 8th to [email protected] or P.O. Box 607 Wayland, NY 14572.
Bids must be accompanied by a letter from your financial institution, signed and currently dated, indicating your good business history and ability to pay up to your indicated bid. 

Phone Bids will be accommodated Only With Prior Contact By Thursday Dec. 9 at NOON!  A letter from your financial institution must be sent to us indicating business history and ability to pay! Email ([email protected]) or (fax 585-728-2520). (We will call you to bid as item comes up during the auction.)

PAYMENT Absentee or Phone Bids Must be settled for by Wire Transfer By Tuesday December 14th at 4:00 P.M. (our office will provide routing info.)
Arrange your credit prior to bidding! Nothing is to be Loaded or otherwise Removed until settled for in full! 
SALE ORDER:  9:00 A.M. Shop Tools until completed!  9:15 A.M. Irrigation (in building);  10:00 A.M. Newer (Big) Tractors, Combine, Sprayer, Ramsey, Grain Tools, Tillage, Vegetable Line!  Come early don't miss anything!!​

For SPECIFIC Information on Items Selling
Phone with DETAILED Question to Joseph Marino 609-685-2576 OR
Email SPECIFIC/DETAILED Question to [email protected]

TERMS:  PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED EACH DAY (If paying by check Bring two.) CASH or Honorable checks will be accepted from persons known by and in good standing with either the Auction Company or Sun Valley Orchards.  
Unknown Persons shall Present at Registration a currently dated “Letter of Good Standing” from their banker, signed and on official letterhead and specifically addressed to the Sun Valley Orchard Auction of December 11 and/or 12, 2021. Proper ID required to register for bidder card.  NOTHING to be removed until settled for In Full EACH Day! Plan Now for this Adventure! Two lunch counters and comfort facilities on site. Bidder Numbers will be available on Friday 10:00 to 4:00.

AUCTION MANAGER: Jim VanHise 609-331-0311

Phone 585-728-2520 Fax 585-728-3378
Email: [email protected]

More Pictures will be available after items are lined up for the auction.  Keep Checking back!   UPDATES to the listing below appear in red.