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(GPS Address) 1428 Cedarville Road
(Across from Millville Airport)

From State Rte 55 Exit 24 take State Rte 49 West Through Millville, at west end of business district cross bridge (WAWA on left) Then 2nd street at Blinker Light make left onto Cedar Street (County Rd 555), at first stop light stay straight onto County Road 610, follow 2 miles to Driveway just past DuMont St.  (Farm is on right, sheds sit way back from road!)

Discontinuing Farming Selling Will Be: JD 7420 MFWD full cab tractor, 3493 original owner hrs., Power Quad., left hand reverser, heavy duty 3 pt. hitch option, 2 remotes, 18.4R38 and 16.9x26 tires; JD 5325 (2WD) full cab tractor, 1063 original owner hrs., left hand reverser, 12x12 trans., 2 remotes, 11.2x38 tires; JD 4055 (2WD) Power Quad., 3 remotes, 20.8x38 rear rubber, 2nd owner, app. 5000 hrs.?!; JD 5300 (2WD) creeper gear, 2 post canopy, ABC-123 trans., 2nd owner 5878 hrs., 2 remotes, 11.2x36 tires; Special Interest IH 140 Offset (1978) bought from a neighbor who seldom used it, currently estimated under 500 hrs.!, it has original tires that are 90%, wide front end, 11.2x24 tires; Rolling basket currently on tractor sells separately; Farmall “Super AV” offset, wide front, 9.5x36 tires, sells complete with 1-row cultivator; JD 1020 gas utility size tractor, 8 sp. trans., Hi-Lo, no remotes, 11.2x28 rubber; Ford 7000 diesel, 2WD, (1973 tractor with new engine, in 1993) 16.9x34 rear tires; Kubota M5030SU tractor (4WD) original owner 4999 hrs., 2 post canopy, 1 remote, sells complete with Woods Dual 195 hyd. loader and g.p. bucket; pallet forks sell separately;

VEGETABLE LINE:   Monosem model “MS” miniature 3 row precision small seed planter (currently 3 rows on 60 in. beds); Monosem 97A 4-row 36 in. planter (here for sweet corn) extra plates for other crops, dry fert., insect hoppers, markers; Jacto J400 Cannon (air blast) sprayer, 3 pt., 100 gal. tank, centrifical pump, flow control, elect. on/off controls, hyd. up/down and side to side boom control, Unit looks Brand New!; Hardi 3 pt. 150 gal. sprayer, 25 ft. booms, twin piston pump; 3 pt. 72 in. and 60 in. fert. drop spreaders; Hardi 300 gal. pull behind sprayer, 36 ft. self leveling booms, 3 valve zone control, adj. height, 3 piston Hardi pump; KMC 3-row cultivator with shields; 3 pt. 1-row water wheel planter; 3 pt. 60 in. “high speed” plastic layer; JD 3 pt. 60 in. bedder; Noble 3 pt. 4-row S-tine cultivator with shields; Reigi I one man manual “ride on” weeder; Lely 3 pt. broadcast spreader; Pull type single row sweet potato vine cutter; JD 1-row p.t.o. potato digger; Ferguson 3 pt. row crop cultivator; Mechanical 1-row transplanter (older); Two (2) nice 20 ft. and 18 ft. wooden rack wagons with drop sides (sweet corn) each on a heavy tone running gear with flotation tires;

IRRIGATION:   Bauer E-1 single axle hard hose, app. 900 x 3 in. hose, turntable, hydro return, with cart and Komet twin 140 gun; Bauer T31 single axle hard hose, app. 900 x 3 in. hose, 4000S Bauer Ecostar solar control, hydro return, turntable, cart and gun; 300 gal. diesel skid tank with manual pump on cart; App. 60 pcs. 5 in. x 40 ft. alum pipe;

TILLAGE AND GENERAL PURPOSE:   Harrell 8204 3 pt. 4-b. switch/shovel plow; KMC 3 pt. 14 ft. S-tine field cultivator with rolling baskets; JD MX7 3 pt. 7 ft. rotary mower; JD 3 pt. 5 ft. rototiller; JD 3 pt. 12 shank chisel plow with gauge wheels; 3 pt. 6 ft. box scraper with teeth; 3 pt. 5 shank V-ripper; J-Bar 3 pt. 7 ft. scraper blade; NI 1-row (probably model 323) corn picker; A good, clean line selling here! See you Monday the 25th!  


800 Plus pcs. of 2 in. x 40 ft. alum. irrigation pipe with sprinklers; 140 pcs. of 2 in. x 20 ft. pipe with sprinklers; Nelson 150 big gun; Two (2) Rainbird full circle guns, sprinkler with 3 in. stands; Assortment of 2 in. plugs; elbows; tees; etc.!

MF 230 tractor, 12.4x28 tires; Farmall 140 with 11.2x24 tires; Two (2) Farmall Cubs (12 volt) with four row Planet Jr. belly seeders; Three (3) Other (12 volt) Farmall Cubs;

Berthould 100 gal. air blast sprayer; Berthould 100 gal. boom sprayer with 25 ft. booms; StanHay 4 row seeder with 4 hoppers and seed belts; JD 33 4 row seeder with 4 hoppers and 2 sets of plates; 

8 ft. 3 pt. box grader; KMC 3 shank sub soiler; 60 inch teather bed shaper; 12 ft. spring tooth; 10 ft. Fumagation Rig with John Blue pump; 1-row 3 pt. cultivator;

4-row teeth cultivator; 4-row basket cultivator; One (1) 3-row leek ridger; Two (2) 4-row leek ridger;  

TERMS: CASH!!  Honorable checks will be accepted from persons known and in good standing by the Owners or Auction Company for immediate release of items!
UNKNOWN PERSONS NEED CURRENTLY DATED BANK LETTER Addressed to this Auction For Immediate Removal, Otherwise leave purchases until check clears.  
Acceptable ID required for bidder card. Nothing to be removed until settled for in full Sale Day. Lunch and Comfort Facilities on site.  

Owned by: Ingraldi Farms/Rich and Joey Ingraldi
For Specific INFO on Items Selling Contact:
Rich Ingraldi 609-501-0919 cell OR 856-447-3787 Home Evenings

Robbinsville, New Jersey

Auction Conducted By
James P. Pirrung and Associates
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