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Carter's Fundraiser for Cochlear Research
In the Fall of 2020 our Grandson, Carter Kuhn, began complaining of ringing in his ear. After several appointments he was fitted for a hearing aid in his right ear, his green super ear, and diagnosed with hearing loss and under developed cochleas in both ears.  He will have to wear the hearing aid the rest of his life and could have to add one for his left ear someday.   

Carter started questions what about other kids and so he and grandpa thought up this fundraiser. Grandpa bought a Kabota M5-111 pedal tractor and donated it. Carter has been attending the last 4 agricultural auctions and selling raffle tickets. 1 lucky winner who will win the pedal tractor. Tickets are 1 dollar, ($1) each. The winning ticket will be drawn on July 31, 2021 during the auction of Joe Tuchrello in Livonia NY.  The winner was Dave Johnson, Johnson Farms, Deerfield, New Jersey.  We raised $1,725.00 for the Golisano Children's Hospital, Cochlear Research.   

We thank our customers, many who have attended auctions of ours for several years for their donations and kindness.

The videos include Carter giving his own speech to a crowd at an auction in June, he does very well for a seven year old.  On Monday July 26, Carter was the picture of the day for 13 Wham News- Rochester NY. We recorded the video of that broadcast.

Thanks again,    Jim, Sharyl and Family
Carter met with Megan who accepted the donation
on behalf of the Golisano Children's Hospital. (8/17/21)
A Huge Thank You! 

Carter donated $1725
to the Children's Hospital 
on August 17, 2021.

We were able to donate another 
$375.00 to bring Carter's donation
total to $2,100.00