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“JD SP Sprayer-Tractors-Tillage-Orchard/Vineyard-Irrigation-Entertainment”

FRIDAY MARCH 15 @ 10:00 A.M.
(Severe Weather Date: Monday March 18)
“South Jersey”

Auction along the State Highway, the first farm on the East side of Shiloh, 4 miles west of Bridgeton. From the Delaware Memorial Bridge cross into N.J. then State Rte. 49 East to Shiloh.

Gregg is running his greenhouse operation in West Virginia and Frank is semi-retiring to grow just a few beans. Selling will be a diverse line-up of equipment no longer needed for future operation.

S.P. SPRAYER—TRACTORS:   JD 4730 Self Propelled Sprayer, auto steer, Starfire ITC Globe, JD 2600 display, 800 gal. S.S. tank, 380/90R46 tires all around, 96 ft. booms with auto boom height control, swath control, S.S. injector, foam markers, 5 place nozzle bodies, 15 in. nozzle spacings, 2440 well cared for hrs.! Real Sharp Machine!!
JD 9320 with deluxe cab, “Partial Power Shift” 4 remotes, (bareback) 20.8x42 tires and duals all around, 7038 well cared for hrs.!; JD 9300 “Partial Power Shift”, 4 remotes (bareback), Brand New 20.8x42 tires AND duals all around, 10,130 hrs., clean, nice and fit for spring!; JD 5310 open station tractor, “Turf Special” (but with 14.9x24 Ag Tires) “Sync Shuttle” trans., 2 remotes, 4227 hrs.; Collector JD Model “D” fender tractor; Eleven (11) of JD 40 lb. “mini” suitcase weights; JD 740 complete hyd. front loader with joystick control and with 7 ft. materials bucket;

AGRI-TOURISM:   2008 Pace “American” 14 ft. tandem axle enclosed cargo trailer, 7,000 GVW, rear full ramp door, curbside walk-in door; Four (4) 45,000 b.t.u. umbrella type, LP gas, S.S. patio heaters, 7 ft. tall; Four (4) white 20 ft. x 20 ft. vinyl tents with alum. poles and frames; Nine (9) 8 ft. rectangular folding tables; Twenty (20) 5 ft. round folding tables; Seventy (70) folding stacking chairs;

VINEYARD-ORCHARD-VEGETABLE:   Hardi “Practically New” model AR400 air blast vineyard/orchard sprayer! It’s Sharp!!; Fifty (50) Plastic #32 Macro Bins; Nice portable wine rack display unit for shows; New 200 Cases (each of 12 x 750 ml) clear AND dark green and 160 Cases (each of 12 x 375 ml) never used empty wine bottles; New and used bird netting (all in rolls) enough for about 12 acres grapes; Lots of rolls of used (nice) Hi-Tensile wire used here for grapes; Yale 5000 lb. forklift, 2 stage mast, 131 in. lift, side shift, solid rubber tires, front duals, 8990 hrs.; Three (3) GT vegetable dump carts each on rocking tandem gears!; Pik Rite model 2000 front mount tomato “vine trainer” (field opener); Three (3) Andros tool bar mount drip layer units; Two (2) steerable 4 wheel nursery carts (1 double deck; 1 single deck); 20 ft. refrigerated shipping container with Thermo-King 480/240 3 ph. elect. reefer, “Smart Reefer” computer control (needs repairs); Qty. of used grape arbor/fence posts; Qty. of new or like new steel “screw in ground” brace poles (for end posts); Qty. of good used ½ in. drip line for grapes; Qty. of new tree/vine protection sleeves; Six (6) large bundles of 48 in. pepper stakes; 300 plus of 19 in. x 11 in. x 6 in. deep plastic open mesh trays (produce or fruit); Qty. of used 20 bu. tote bags (for seed); Poly 525 gal. nurse tank; Two (2) 18 ft. flat racks on heavy gears with flotation tires; Princeton “Teledyne” impulse III model D-5000 “hitch hiker” forklift;

IRRIGATION PIPE-HARDHOSE TRAVELERS:   100 pcs. of Rainway” 6 in. x 40 ft. alum. “ring lock” high pressure irrigation pipe; Assortment of 5 in. x 40 ft. and 5 in. x 30 ft. alum. pipe; Pipe fittings such as: “T and L” 6 in. ring locks; Berkeley (B4EYQBM) 6x4 pump (only); Four (4) pipe trailers; Netafim “Sand-Doll” cyclone dual head filter model 24HC12FG; Two (2) matched pair of Bauer 125-370TIH hard hose travelers, hyd. jacking, turntables, hydro returns, app. 1200 ft. x 5 in. hose, “Twin 160” Komet guns; Bauer 120-440TIH, hyd. jack system, turntable, hydro. return, app. 1279 ft. of app. 4 ¾ in. hose, Komet “Twin 160” gun; Bauer 125-360T, turntable, hydro. return, app. 1000 ft. of 5 in. hose; Bauer 110-300TIH, turntable, hydro. return, Nelson big gun, app. 980 ft. of 4 ¼ in. hose; Qty. of used 6 in. blue lay flat hose;

TILLAGE TOOLS:   Krause model 2445 33 ft. rock-flex hyd. fold transport disk; Unverferth 30 ft. “rolling harrow II” folding unit; Case 2500 auto reset 5 or 7 shank ecotil soil management tools; DMI 9 shank pull type ripper; Brillion 11 shank pull type chisel plow; Brillion solid wheel packer; JD 980 30 ft. hyd. folding field cultivator with spring tooth rake; JD 15 ft. rotary hoe;

CONSTRUCTION RELATED EQUIPMENT/ACCESSORIES:   Genie TML-4000N diesel light tower with power outlet from generator; Terex/Amida diesel light tower unit with generator and power outlet; 4 cyl. diesel dual station (2 welders same time) portable stick welder; JD “Z-Track 757” 25 h.p. gas zero turn 54 in. mower, 1521 hrs.; “MB-CO” 3 pt. p.t.o. wood chipper; Woods 9180RD 16 ft. turf batwing mower, 6 ft. main deck, (2) 5 ft. wings; I.R. 185 CFM portable air compressor, self contained pull behind unit with JD 4 cyl. #4239 diesel power source; Ford 4500 diesel loader/backhoe with HD-15 heavy hoe; JD 650 dozer, 6 way 10 ft. blade, 24 in. wide tracks; Kato EX31 track type excavator with thumb; Eager Beaver dual tandem equipment trailer with 19 ft. flat deck, 5 ft. tail, fold up ramps 47,100 GVWR; Case 586D (2WD) diesel all terrain forklift; 48 ft. and 45 ft. storage trailers; Steel safety curbing for around ramps/doorways; 1996 Ford F-250 (2WD) diesel pickup with auto. trans., Knapheide utility body; 1987 Ford F350 gas S/A pickup with auto. trans., Reading utility body; Qty. of steel adjustable pallet racks; 8 ft. heavy duty pull type box scraper; Dual wheel tandem axle 5th wheel trailer mover;

GRAIN ITEMS:     JD 455 grain only 30 ft. drill with 7 ½ in. row spacings, markers, double disc openers, packer wheels; JD 7000 12 row planter, with insecticide boxes, and with soybean plates; JD 643 6 row narrow low profile corn head; Unverferth HT12 header cart; JD 630 flex grain head and cart; Hopper bottom 4 wheel gravity box wagon;  

TRAILERS:   1988 “Trailmobile” 45 ft. spread axle flat deck; 1979 “Hob” 48 ft. flat bed; Two (2) open top grain trailer, 40 ft. for cover crop seed, no title; One (1) open top grain trailer, 42 ft. for cover crop, no title; Custom Built enclosed trailer for hauling vegetable transplants; Three (3) brand new custom sewn 48 ft. trailer tarps, plus other good tarps;

MACHINERY taken care of! Some like brand new, some sells with experience and some in need of “make-up”. An interesting and diversified sale that warrants your attention! See you on the “Ides of March” in Shiloh! Lunch and Comfort Facilities on site.

TERMS: CASH!!  Honorable checks will be accepted from persons known and in good standing by the Owners or Auction Company for immediate release of items!
UNKNOWN PERSONS NEED CURRENTLY DATED BANK LETTER Addressed to this Auction For Immediate Removal, Otherwise leave purchases until check clears.   Acceptable ID required for bidder card. 

INSPECTION:  Starting Monday before sale date, OR by Appointment.  Auction Day announcements take precedence over all advertising.

For Specific Info on Items Selling Contact:
Gregg Baitinger 856-305-4987 OR  
Email Specific Questions to: [email protected]
(NOTE: Severe Weather Date is Monday March 18)

Robbinsville, New Jersey

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