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Click on a link below to view the full ad for each upcoming auction. Pictures may be available for some auctions. If pictures are available, there is a link at the top of the ad that says "Pictures Available." Visit frequently or sign up for our E-mail Updates on our “E-mail Updates” page to receive e-mails whenever the site is updated. We will be updating this website as soon as another auction is booked.  Upcoming real estate auctions can be viewed on our Upcoming Real Estate Auctions page by clicking on the link below!


Click the following link to view:  UPCOMING REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS



Sat Apr 19    11:00 am      Mr and Mrs Darrin VanOrsdale            Jasper, New York


Sat May 3     10:30 am      Danny Wilson/Estate of John Wilson       Risingville, New York


Sat May 17   10:00 am      Jerald Schumacher                              Wyoming, New York


Sat June 28  11:00 am      Russell Bodine                                     Newark, New York


* Items listed in GREEN are booked.  Ad (and pictures, if applicable) will appear when ready to publish.  Check back…..


Machinery Pete from the RFD channel visits Pirrung Auctioneers, Inc. in Saranac Lake to cover the Ron & Beth Edgley (Windy Mountain Seed Potato Farm) auction (June 2013)


AOL CUSTOMERS:  If you have trouble viewing the pictures that we have available on Upcoming Auctions, contact AOL, tell them the pictures are “Compressed” and ask them what adjustment needs to be made so you can start viewing our pictures!


***If you are interested in household or antique auctions coming up, please visit our associate website at:  http://roan.biz/


***Pirrung Auctioneers, Inc. is also associated with Finger Lakes Produce Auction, Inc. (FLPA) in Penn Yan, NY.  www.fingerlakesproduceauction.com.  “A great way to buy and/or sell homegrown produce at auction.”